Cheese cake

Cheese cakeCheese cakeCheese cake

What are the qualities in search when people look for a perfect cheesecake?
For chef Kazuya, the answer is simple. The richness of flavour, combined with a "melt in your mouth" creamy texture.

Following a flour-less formula allowed for an inner texture which tread on the line of liquid and solid, complimented by the use of bain-marie to obtain a solid bake on top and a smooth textured bottom.

On top of this, we have prepared two different options for you to enjoy our cheesecake.
The first is the traditional version where we simply store the cheesecake in a refrigerator after making it.
The second option is similar, but instead of a refrigerator, we place the cheesecake in our special super freezer right after its creation.
The concept is one that should be very familiar to you: I'm sure a lot of you enjoy ice cream both solid, chilly straight out of the freezer as-well as soft and creamy after its temperature change.
Chef Kazuya would love for you to enjoy this option in both ways, perhaps even more!

"Texture" and "Temperature gap" are two important focal points in KAZUYA restaurants' philosophy of cooking, and you will see it come to life with our brilliant cheesecake.
As options, we have
- whole cake size
accepting orders until Sunday of a week, then pick up on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday.
- slice size
available during lunch time opening hours(Thu-Sat 11:45am to 1:30 pm ) with limited numbers.


Premium Créme Caramel

Premium Créme CaramelPremium Créme Caramel

The creme caramel is one of chef Kazuya's favourite desserts, one that he is quite surprised isn't more popular in New Zealand; almost as if it was forgotten.
Our creme caramel's objective is to remind people of this delicacy, and of course to make people fall in love with our specific take on it. We proudly make our creme caramel from free range eggs and carefully selected ingredients, being available in a variety of flavour options, even including some special spins such as sesame and matcha.

We do unit sales during our lunch opening hours, and so for online takeaway booking orders please note we will have a minimum number of 6 units per order, which must all be of the same flavour.


Kozzy Ricebox

Kozzy Ricebox

When you think of 'sushi', you may be imagining rice and fish rolled in a layer of seaweed.
There are actually many other types of sushi, and in particular, chef Kazuya likes a variation where you have a layer of ingredients on top and a layer of rice on the bottom.
This dish is called Chirashi Zushi, where 'Chirashi' means 'scatter'. Chirashi Zushi is a dish in which various seafoods and ingredients are scattered on top of sumeshi(rice with vinegar).
Chef Kazuya likes the variation of textures, flavours, and colours that can be enjoyed all together in one scoop of the Chirashi Zushi; the same concept as that of our signature 'texture' dish.

We sell our ricebox's during our lunch opening hours(Thu-Sat 12pm to 1:30pm).
If you are planning to order for a group, please use the order form and arrange a pick up.



We keep receiving lots of great feedback for the breads we serve during our courses, and so we thought we would make it possible for you to buy it as a takeaway.
We bake our bread fresh everyday, and have the following options:
- Ciabatta
Designed to be simple in flavour to not collide with that of another dish; perfect for enjoying with other foods. It has an emphasis on the crust, and chef Kazuya recommends to re-bake the bread before enjoying it at home.
- Mochi bread stick
An original bread of Kazuya, with texture different to that of a typical french bread stick and an umami flavour that is brought out through the use of glutenous rice flour.

Please order 2 days in advance of pickup.
*Please note our opening days are Thu-Sat.

ingredients for Ciabatta
ingredients for "Mochi" breadstick

Olive Oil

Olive Oil

KAZUYA's original blend olive oil features olives from the Clevedon Olive farm, where chef Kazuya annually goes to pick the years best olives and create his original blend.
A great gift for your friends, family, or even for yourself.
Please call us in advance to pick up from the restaurant anytime.