Here we share some of our original recipes, our philosophy and suppliers we're proud to work with.

Every time we prepare ingredients with respect, with plenty of time and effort, always searching for new ideas. We are happy to share some of those in the videos.
You might find some recipes complicated than casual home cooking, but we hope you will find useful tips here.

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Texture - Our Signature Dish

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Potato Puree

Beautiful texture, it melts in your mouth.

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Seared Scallop

How to cook medium rare scallop

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50°C Poached Prawn

It`s a beautiful silky sticky texture!

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Vegetable Broth

This is versatile and can make your dish better than usual.

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Squid Ink Tuile

Crispy and Tasty!

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the short version "Texture"

KAZUYA restaurant's Signature Dish

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Carbonara Sauce

Fluffy texture! Please try it!!

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Carrot Purée

Natural sweet and smooth puree!